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Danyang Weilong Tools Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Jul 01, 2016

Danyang weilong tools co.,ltd. is established at the beginning of the year 2002. and devote ourselves to design,manufacture,improve circular saw blade cutting performance all the time.

We produce Tungsten carbide tip (TCT) circular saw blade, Polycrystalline diamond tip (PCD) circular saw blade and Cermet-Carbide tip circular saw blade.

Our circular saw blade is excellent for cutting Fiber cement sheet, Nature wood, Soft wood, Hard wood, Laminated Chipboard, Plywood, MDF, Aluminum, Mild steel, Iron, Copper, Metal, Stainless Steel,etc. With the high cutting performance and most competitive price. Export to USA,Europe, South Africa,New Zealand,etc.

Laser cutting, Heat Treatment, Auto-welding, Auto-grinding, Coating and Packing saw blade. All process are made in our own factory.Welcome you visit us and discuss the possible deal sincerely.

Laser cutting workshop

Heat Treatment

Circular saw blade steel plate inspection

Auto Welding

Auto Grinding

Auto Polishing

Saw blade surface treatment

PCD saw blade workshop,It is the totally independently workshop in our factory

Laser printing

Embed Printing

Ink Printing

Saw blade inspection

Saw blade inspection

Saw blade inspection

HRA/HRC inspection

Cutting testing

Packing Saw blade


Delivery Tungsten carbide tip circular saw blade